Monday, September 13, 2010

The Breaking of the Fellowship

This is a sad moment once again. We, Frodo and I, have split up from the group. We are currently floating down a river towards Mordor, on a quest to drop the ring into Mt. Doom. We are badly supplied, at least we have this boat. The story behind it is quite short, and I really don’t have much to say at the moment, so here it goes. After leaving the Mines of Moria, we landed ourselves in a quite beautiful forest, the name of which I cannot remember. It was great until the elves showed up, Gimli and they had a lot of tension, it almost came to violence when he was blindfolded. Anyhow, we met the Lord and Lady of the elves, got boats, a bow, a belt, some cloaks, and Gimli with his eloquent tongue, procured HAIR. Yes, hair, he got some of the Lady's hair, saying it shone like gold. What a flatterer.

-Samwise Gamgee

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